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Read What Our Customers Have to Say

Came in as a walk in and immediately were able to get us in no problem! Very nice place and the man helping us out was so kind and nice to us! The phone was perfect when we got it back and he got it all done within 30 mins!! Wowww

Sabrina T

After a long rainy day, I came home and immediately dropped my phone shattering my screen completely. Indiana Phones to the rescue! The adorable receptionist and playful kitties soothed my grumpy soul while the magician behind the curtain worked his magic on repairing my damaged phone. A very quick 10 minutes later I was on my way, brand new screen in tow! Thank you for turning my day back around Indiana Phones!! Highly recommend for a painless phone repair experience and all around good vibes!

Taylor B

Got my screen replaced at Indiana Phones. Had a few issues after the screen replacement--battery draining fast, phone hot to touch. The owner reached out to me personally and offered to help, hooking me up with a replacement screen in case the last one was faulty. I really appreciate the level of service offered here!

Brian A

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